Gentle Toyohari Acupuncture
& Traditional Chinese Medicine




Olivier Lejus


Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Certified in Toyohari Japanese Medical Acupuncture & Chinese Remedial Massage

University Lecturer & Clinical Supervisor

Acupuncture is very complex. It takes several decades to become an expert.

In Oriental medicine, deep and long lasting changes in the body can be made without using any forms of modern medication. I have been specialising in the treatment of pain, anxiety and male/female infertility for over 17 years.

Each patient is treated according to their own individual pattern of emotional and physical dysfunctions. I feel privileged to be able to make a positive difference in other people’s health and quality of life.

Helping couples who have encountered infertility issues conceive a healthy child despite all odds is probably one of the most rewarding experiences!


What is Toyohari Acupuncture?

The Toyohari school of Japanese acupuncture is a powerful, but very gentle form of Oriental medicine which was invented by blind Japanese acupuncturists in the 1950s.


Featured Treatments


Pain Relief

Acupuncture has an ability to regulate hormones levels in the body and can stimulate the nervous system where the sensation of pain originates from, effectively providing pain relief.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Oriental medicine can address energy blockages which are affecting our mental wellbeing. Medical studies have shown that acupuncture has an effect on the nervous and endocrine systems. 

Boost Your Fertility

Acupuncture (alone or in combination with Chinese herbal medicine) can treat the root cause of infertility, and prepare both men and women for a successful pregnancy.


Chinese Herbal Medicine


The actual presentation of a particular disease or illness will vary from person to person. For that reason, as a registered Chinese Herbalist Olivier will be able to prescribe a herbal formula which is particularly suited to your unique constitution and medical condition.




Mobile Acupuncture


We do HOME VISITS! Mobile Acupuncture is specifically designed for the Sydney Eastern Suburbs patients who are too busy to go to the clinic, have difficulties with mobility or are simply not feeling well enough to use transportation.

Olivier will bring his Mobile Acupuncture Clinic to your home at a time which suits you.

From my experience, properly administered acupuncture by a qualified, experienced acupuncturist like Olivier really works!
— Kate C. (42) Newtown